An Actor's Blog - Part 1


4th February 2020

by Rachel Carter… aka Denise Stury

I had participated in amateur dramatics since senior school but had had some years out of it due to study commitments. When I heard about the Community Play from a friend that was already involved I decided that I really wanted to be a part of it.

There were numerous workshops over the autumn, which I attended… leaving each and every one of them more enthused about getting involved.  They were great for learning new skills, being challenged and meeting some of the people involved in the forthcoming production.

The audition felt like another workshop, relaxed and fun.

I left each and every workshop buzzing with excitement. Two weeks into rehearsing it is easy to see just how much such fun and games plays a part in developing drama skills and talent.

I signed up to full rehearsal commitment and have no regrets. There is already a sense of friendships building, personal development and it is a joy to work with our dedicated professional team.

Are you involved in Spinning the Moon? We would love to hear from you as we expand our blog series.

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