A Spinning the Moon Story Part 2


1st March 2020

By Ruth Hayes

DCPA publicity officer and farmer’s wife Mary Webb in Spinning the Moon

So there I was, at my first committee meeting, amazed and awed at the enthusiasm and dedication of this group of amateurs responsible for making Dorchester a world record-holder in the field of community theatre.

Very few people outside the committee realise how much hard work and planning, and how many sleepless nights, go into creating a production of this stature.

There are professionals to hire, fund to raise, grants to secure – and that’s before you even begin to look outwards, to raise publicity and engage the community.

Will the money come in? Is there enough interest in it? Will people come to workshops and auditions? Do we need to borrow some live sheep?

After facing and overcoming a series of obstacles large and small, six years after Drummer Hodge was staged we pressed the ‘go’button and Spinning the Moon became a reality.

After all the unseen hard graft put in by the committee it was time, as director Peter Cann said, ‘for the fun to start’.

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