A Spinning the Moon Story Part 3


4th March 2020

By Ruth Hayes

DCPA publicity officer and farmer’s wife Mary Webb in Spinning the Moon

We are a month into rehearsals and if Spinning the Moon hasn’t totally taken over my life, it has certainly become a massive part of it.

Where to start? Firstly, I hadn’t done any acting since school, several decades ago, and was terrified by the prospect of getting up and acting in front of 140 people who were mostly complete strangers.

But what a waste of terror! Yes, the rehearsals are hard physical work, my comfort zone left well behind, but what fabulous fun!

Thanks to the way they are organised by director Peter Cann, his assistant Penny Levick and musical director Tim laycock, they are a safe space where whatever your ability, you do what you can and are accepted for what you are.

Friendships are swiftly forged, there is a lot of laughter in between ‘takes’ and gradually our characters develop and flesh appears on the bones of the script.

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