A Spinning the Moon Story Part 4


7th March 2020

By Ruth Hayes

DCPA publicity officer and farmer’s wife Mary Webb in Spinning the Moon

Rehearsals are starting to fit seamlessly into our weekly calendars and develop a certain fluidity as they go along.

New things are tried, scenes are changed, the script is tweaked week by week as the play is fine-tuned towards its final incarnation.

My alter ego Mary is a bit of a harridan, married to the village’s richest farmer (who she keeps firmly under her thumb) and proud of her status. I suspect there is not a lot of love or laughter in the Webb household and I don’t always find it easy to portray such a severe character – though that is part of the fun and challenge!

Now the play’s musical director Tim Laycock has given us a CD of the songs we need to learn, so not only are my lines clicking through my head, but I go about my daily routine with a soundtrack of Tudor songs swirling round my brain. Who would have thought!

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