Postponing Spinning The Moon


16th March 2020

By Ruth Hayes

Board and cast member

The inevitability of postponing Spinning the Moon because of Coronavirus didn’t make the actual announcement any easier.

There was a moment of sombre silence when the news was broken at a full cast rehearsal and then the room erupted to the sounds of applause and cheering.

Far from being a celebration of the postponement, the jubilation was a glorious recognition that in a few short weeks we have come so far and created such a wonderful play and community – and that we have the strength to come back bigger and better than ever.

And as every strong community does under pressure, everyone rallied around, hugged the tearful, sang songs from the play, ate cake and made plans to meet up in between times to keep the spirit of Spinning the Moon alive and well until we can return to rehearsals and the stage in spring 2021.

And then, in true medieval tradition, we retired to a local tavern to toast success, new friends and the future.

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