Thoughts from Stephanie Dale


27th March 2020

Rehearsing Spinning the Moon over the past few weeks has been a joyful experience – largely thanks to the fun that Peter and Penny bring to the room, and to the openness and positivity of everyone taking part.

Whether it has been exploring the characters’ backstories, experimenting with the ‘shape’ of the scene or creating the wild physical theatre sections, every rehearsal has been full of laughter and creativity. 

There is something magical about this part of the process. If managed well, it enables everyone to experiment and grow in confidence and, perhaps more importantly, it creates the perfect conditions for a new community to grow.  The shared ambition of presenting Dorchester’s past to an audience of today brings the discovery of something far more substantial and positive than ourselves. 

As we know, Spinning the Moon is about the collapse of the manorial system, of a way of being, and how that impacts on the community.   The devastating global spread of coronavirus means once again we are faced with unprecedented changes to how we live our lives, though at least they will only be temporary. A line in the play that particularly resonates with Peter and me is: “We could have done more.”  But some things are beyond anyone’s control. 

For everyone's wellbeing, essential health and safety considerations have meant that the DCPA Board and the Creative Team have had to take the tough but inescapable decision to postpone the play – in tandem with thousands of spaces across the world. The impact of these decisions will ricochet across peoples' lives and businesses for years to come.  

But there is comfort to be drawn.   Although we are holding back until next Easter, all the shared fun and creativity can be stored up and used to help carry us through the next few months.  

As we hunker down and spend time with our precious loved ones, let us keep the sense of community alive and keep reaching out to each other, and, from time to time, hum, sing, bellow Tim's wonderful tunes! We have something very special to look forward to next year.  None of us could have done more, and beauty comes from knowing, we shall do it all over again.

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